Heartware provides management consulting to accelerate leadership and organizational development through:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership & Team Development Seminars
  • Assessments for Organizational and Leadership Development

In our work with clients, we commit to strengthen their performance and to create sustainable business change on an organizational and individual level.

We provide people and organizations with powerful tools proven through research and extensive use by successful Fortune 100 organizations.

In Korea, Heartware has been serving corporate clients ranging from major Korean companies to multinational corporations. Executives from a wide range of industries have benefited from our resourceful programs.

We are committed to delivering an exciting and valuable learning experience to our customers. Most programs are 1-3 day learning experiences based on a unique learning concept. The program concept, delivery, and content can be adjusted to fit individual organizations’ learning needs and the issues to be addressed. In this way, participants get the best learning value from the program for immediate, optimal, real life application & results.

We would be delighted to provide you with a unique, outstanding, and valuable program in the most relevant ways possible for you and your organization. Contact us to find out more how you and your organization can benefit!

Passion for Leadership

In essence leadership is passionately caring for people and results at the same time.

Consider your answers to these three questions:

•   Would it make a difference to you if your boss really cared about you      on a personal and professional level?
•   Would it make a difference to you if your boss were passionate about      his profession and committed to the organization’s goals?
•   Would your boss’ care and passion increase your motivation, job              satisfaction and engagement at work?

When we ask these questions to motivated business professionals we get a resounding YES.

Leadership from the heart is contagious for the leaders themselves and all others they interact with. Such leadership capabilities are what we call ‘heartware’ and encompass leadership capabilities as so eloquently defined by Prof. Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence (EI) model (Harvard Business School) and the Constructive Behavioral Styles as so accurately defined by Prof. Dr. Rob Cooke, CEO of Human Synergistics.

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