Corporate Athlete Executive Coaching

The ever increasing demands on executives seem without limitation. Leaders can master these escalating requirements through this resourceful 1 on 1 leadership behavior coaching program.

Become a Corporate Athlete - Conquer your challenges

Our Corporate Athlete Executive Coaching Program is an intensive 1 on 1 coaching program that is based on the behavioral coaching process of Global Coach Group, one of the top leadership coaching organizations in the world.

The program is tailored to the leader’s challenges in the business environment and combines in-depth assessments with intensive coaching sessions. The whole coaching process is aimed at providing leaders with proven skill sets that accelerate success in business and personal life.
Our coaching program has proven to significantly increase leadership effectiveness for executives. Research shows that 95% of leaders, using this behavioral coaching program, measurably improved their leadership effectiveness with sustainable results.


Benefit from our highly qualified coaches

Our coaches have a vast experience in personally managing businesses in an international corporate environment and draw from a wide array of resources to fit the leader’s personal and organizational coaching requirements.

How does the Corporate Athlete Executive Coaching program benefit leaders?

This coaching program is a real life on the job process and provides measurable enhancement of leadership effectiveness. A detailed coaching plan is individually tailored to the leader and maximizes the personal take away benefits:

  • Significantly increased effectiveness and productivity
  • A customized, powerful skill set for personal leadership development and organizational change
  • A personal strategy and implementation plan that delivers immediate results in the organization

Who should participate in the Corporate Athlete Executive Coaching Program?

  • Members of a corporate management team (CEO, COO, CTO, CIO, CFO)
  • Business executives responsible for a division or a business unit
  • High level specialists in managerial functions (R&D directors, corporate strategy executives)
  • Young professionals who aspire to accelerate their career

"The Corporate Athlete Executive Coaching Program was about me and about my professional challenges. I found it far more powerful than many other programs I had experienced because it dealt with the 'whole me', not just 'me at work' but 'me and my life’. I was left with a tool box and a whole lot of work to do for the rest of my personal and professional life. Anyone working in a demanding, uncertain world would benefit from discovering and advancing their own life plan while contributing value to their company’s plan.

- David Barnes, Former Strategist LG Displays -

Results Guaranteed!

We are committed to enhance leadership effectiveness as your payment to us depends on measurable improvements in leadership performance (as exemplified through our work with clients).