Becoming a Facilitator

At Heartware, we strongly believe in energetic, creative, inspiring and unique facilitation of our learning programs. The word 'facilitator' in its root means: someone who makes things easy and helps. The word originates the Latin word 'facilis' and means 'to make things easier'. The facilitator helps the participant in the learning process. The value of the program for the participants largely depends on the quality of the facilitator.

Everybody is a unique individual with unique qualities and with distinct life experiences. We like our facilitators to bring all their qualities into the program (Will Linssen has actively incorporated his (fire) magic and balloon art skills into the facilitation). Heartware provides an intensive facilitator training and peer support program that supports the facilitator in his/her personal growth and acquiring new ideas and skills all the time. Facilitators should be committed to continuous learning and improvement.

The personal qualities we look for in a facilitator are:

  • A passion for people: The ability to build and maintain a solid personal relationship network with genuine care and real interest for people (the customers and the program participants).
  • Drawing the best out of people: A person who has a passion for helping others to learn, to improve and to guide them through personal growth and change.
  • The desire 'to get things done' and to be proactive in his/her work towards colleagues and business relationships.
  • The attitude and the energy to run the business as an entrepreneur.
  • Commitment to excellence: The ambition to 'be the best you, you can possibly be' and the willingness to learn from others.
  • Walk their talk!
  • A great resume. Last but not least! Universities degree(s) (Masters and PhD) are a definite benefit, surely in combination with a rich career background.
  • Good English language skills. The facilitation will be in Korean. Our company working language is English.

Heartware facilitators work part time or full time and the performance based remuneration is very rewarding. For more information on becoming a facilitator please contact Will Linssen.