Seminars for Leadership & Team

Our leadership, management and team development seminars have enabled numerous executives and managers to enhance their professional and team performance through leveraging their people management skills and to master successfully the challenges of a competitive and fast changing business world.

In order to provide you with the most efficient learning program for your organizational needs we customize our programs to fit your requirements. This maximizes the learning outcome for the participants and will leverage the return on your investments.

We offer a wide variety of 1-3 day serminars and learning programs that address issues as:

I. Organizational culture awareness and change management

II. Building high performance management teams

III. Enhancing leadership & management skills in areas as

  • People development skills
    • Empowering people
    • Assessing strengths and areas to develop of self and others
    • Coaching people for growth
    • Appraising performance
    • Personal & professional development
    • Enhancing self actualization and professional success

  • People management skills
    • Execution for results in organizations
    • Effective communication
    • Influencing for results
    • Motivating others to perform
    • Improving collaboration within team and across functions
    • Managing diversity
    • Creative problem solving
    • Conflict management and dealing with difficult people
    • Alliance management for e.g. joint ventures