Through the ‘Taking the Stress

Out of the Business’ program I understood the various physical dynamics of how work and life affect our body, health and mental capabilities. I learned to manage myself much better. Consequently I am much better prepared and equipped to deal with tough business issues, problem solving, delicate communication and competition. I wholeheartedly recommend this program to any person or organization.

Taewon Kim
President of Quadrant Korea

Where do we focus our attention

and thus on what do we spend our energy? The Emwave techniques enable you to make that choice under any circumstance and respond intelligently. The result is improved energy, mental clarity and health. A must-have for any individual or organization that seeks to improve the quality of their life.

Ron H. Wirahadiraksa
Former CFO LG.Philips LCD

I entered the ‘Taking the Stress

Out of the Business’ seminar with a healthy degree of skepticism. While applying the HeartMath tools during the day I experienced however that this healthy system works convincingly well. At the end of the day I felt invigorated & refreshed and I learned how to maintain positive energy anytime anywhere! Furthermore HeartMath provides me with the process how to attain high performance and gives me the freedom to add my personal content to it!

David Martin
Senior Systems Analyst, Lockheed Martin IT, Seoul Korea

The Human Synergistics tools

provided not only a fact-based and thought-provoking stimulus to changing personal behaviors and our organizational culture, but also the basis of simple and yet effective action plans to deliver committed actions to drive results at all levels. It has been a turning point individually and for the Leadership Team as a whole. After only a few weeks, there have been noticeable improvements in team behavior and effectiveness. The OCI and LSI approach also enables us to measure progress and to refine and revise actions to continue to meet the needs of the broader organization.

Paul Richards
President Korea Johnson Co., Ltd.

The Heartware seminar was held

9 months ago and today we continue to see the benefits. Our main objective was to improve the current culture and living our corporate values. The close involvement of our employees working with competent facilitators created the required buy-in and even now we still see employee driven initiatives towards our objectives. I would recommend the OCI for any organization wanting to improve their corporate culture.

Eric Reurts
General Manager NovoNordisk Pharma Korea

A truly fantastic and inspirational

presentation to get our sales team to believe they could break through their personal barriers and sell more – We saw measurable results within seven days and our sales record more than doubled in the five weeks thereafter.

Tom Krulis
Managing Director Godfreys, Australia

We experienced an

incredible 200% increase in our sales in just 30 days.

Val Leech
Sales Development Manager Tupperware, South Africa

Absolutely Excellent

Ketan Morjaria
Chairman, Orient Bank LTD, Kampala, Uganda

We sat in awe, outstanding.

Your return visit is eagerly awaited.

Jack Bush
Provincial General Manager, Standard Bank, Retail Banking, KZN

The Passion for Life

program provided great guidelines for me to reflect deeply on my life. The program provided me with the momentum to make some serious changes in my life in a healthy way.

Bill Gardner
Vice President Alteon, Korea

Outstanding presentation and

very inspiring. A tremendous tool to get the most out of life from an individual and organizational perspective.

Colonel Claude E. Crabtree
Chief Joint US Military Affairs Group, Korea

Passion for Life was a

revelation for the students and myself. Willy showed us that achieving great things in life are possible as long as we dare to understand our direction in life and commit to it. Nothing is impossible anymore as long as we are willing to pursue our goals. I am sure that the Passion for Life program has changed the students forever. I know I changed my life.

Chul-Ho Kim
College of Business Administration, Seoul National University, Korea

The Passion for Life

program was a “wake up call”. It challenged me to evaluate my life and helped me to define what is truly important to me.

Peter Underwood
Director IRC Ltd., Korea

Will proved to me that

all of us carry the ability to do extraordinary things. It helped me to prepare for my career by showing me how to deal with the fear of the unknown and uncertainty.

Major Steve Gransback
Chief Ministry of National Defense Liaison Officer US Embassy Korea

As the class moved it

grabbed all my attention. It was extremely powerful and made me re-examine my life goals and how to achieve it.

Mr. YL Hwa
Joint US Military Affairs Group - Korea

Will’s presentation of life-wisdom

should have come to me 20-30 years ago. My life would have turned out very different. Willy’s valuable guidance determines whether you achieve your life dreams or not.

D.H. Kim
US Embassy, Korea

Will’s lecture is one of the

best I have ever attended. It gave me great confidence, optimism, and empowerment that will make me achieve big and better things in life. That same weekend I decided to become a Christian which has been a very important step in my personal life.

Gene Ahn
MBA student at Seoul National University, Korea

The Passion for Life program was great.

It brought a lot of insights into my life of the things that should be of most importance to me, versus those I thought that were important. The program was refreshing rain for my tree of life.

Rob Lapin
Chairman Full of Hope International Foundation. USA

As a result of the program

I committed myself to be more proactive in life and decided to apply the learnings. Else a lot of potential value in life will never be realized.

Major Craig Cagnon
US Airforce Acquisition Program Manager, USA

An extremely interesting program

that drives me to be passionate and determined about my personal life goals. I owe it to myself to achieve my dreams.

Ms. Ji-Inn Woo
MBA student of Seoul National University, Korea

Extremely interesting program

that enabled me to redefine the direction of my life.

Soo-Hyun Kim
CEO Good Deed Praise Movement

Will’s message and methods

made me think about MYSELF more than ever before. I gained the insights and learnings I needed to shape my future and build a lasting legacy in my life.

Ms. Min Jung Pyo
International Business Student, KonKuk University, Korea

I gathered insights and

experiences from the Passion for Life program that I never have gotten from any other program before. The program gave me a huge assurance of my life and expanded my capabilities to achieve great things.

Kee-Bong Yang
General Manager Daewoo Corporation

I learned to stand tall

As a result of the program I committed myself to be more proactive in life and decided to apply the learnings. Else a lot of potential value in life will never be realized.

Major Craig Cagnon
US Airforce Acquisition Program Manager, USA